Saturday, December 13, 2008

Word of the Day: Cabecera

Cabecera is Costa Rican for 'pillow', as in the one you use to sleep on in bed. The more common Spanish term 'almohada' would likely be understood as well, but be aware that most people just say cabecera.


Gustavo Coronado said...

No sure you are right. People usually refer to Cabecera in regarding to the head of the bed.As in the part of the bed (head, foot, and sire rails). Also Cabecera is the title name for the capital city of a "Cantón"(Cabecera de Provincia, Cantón, Distrito)

Gustavo Coronado said...

I apologize for my writing skills.Let me correct myself. Not Sure and Side Rails. LOL.

Thomas Carmona said...

What word would you use for 'pillow'? I have only heard cabecera while in Costa Rica.