Thursday, February 25, 2010

Water in Costa Rica

Agua, one of Costa Rica's most valuable assets, comes in many forms. Water falls from the sky, mixes with clay, springs from the ground, and falls from cliffs. Here is some of the most useful Costa Rican terminology related to water:


llovizna - drizzle or sprinkle

pelo de gato - very light rain

aguacero - torrential downpour

baldazo - literally a big bucket (a storm that's raining buckets)

barro - mud

tierra - soil, earth

arcilla - clay

Natural spring
naciente (f) - natural spring (a word that appears to be almost exclusive to Costa Rica)

manantial (m) - natural spring

catarata - waterfall (cascada is rarely used)

pozo - well

poza - deep swimming hole in a river

bomba - water pump for a well (among many other things, if you care to click on the link)

aguado - watery, dilute

echar agua - conceding position to an opponent to give the impression of weakness, sandbagging

aguadulce - popular drink made of hot water and brown sugar

aguachinarse - to lose one's crops due to excessive rain, to contract a fungal infection from excessive wetness

agua potable - potable water

acueducto - aqueduct, potable water project

agua del tubo - tap water (agua de la llave is more common in South America)


Lindsey Stark said...

I've also heard "agua del grifo" for tap water in S. America. You too?

Thomas Carmona said...

I always heard "llave". Did you hear that in Ecuador? I looked into it and found "grifo" as a term for faucet from Spain, but it's the first time I had heard anything about it.

Spanish Jobs said...

Wow! It's amazing how a culture's environment influences the vocabulary. I lived in Spain and studied Spanish for years and never heard some of these terms even once.

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