Sunday, December 16, 2007

The double 'r' in Costa Rica

This is a letter (the 'rr' or 'r-') that throws foreigners through a loop, especially if they're Spanish speakers. The Costa Rican double 'r' is indeed closer to the English 'r' than to the traditional "rolled" double 'r' in Spanish. A visitor to my Costa Rican dictionary site recently pointed out that in her phonetics studies in the lab that the Costa Rican 'rr' is closer to a fricative like in the French 'jour' than it is to the English 'r'. I, however, think it is somewhere between the two sounds, depending on who's saying it. It really does vary from one person to another and from one region to another.

I invite any comments concerning the subject. What does the 'rr' sound like to you? I welcome any answers, no matter how technical (or non-technical).

Pura Birra


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Ken D Berry MD said...

My wife and I will be spending a week in Costa Rica in Abril, and I can't tell you how helpful your site has been to us.
Thank you!