Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vos Conjugations

Vos, as one might expect, is essentially the singular version of vosotros, only that it's used for the most part in Latin America (although not everywhere in Latin America). Although still not quite as accepted in formal language, vos is becoming increasingly prevalent in everyday language in many different countries.

The conjugation of vos is very similar to the conjugation of vosotros as well. Here are the few minor differences:

Vosotros pagáis
Vos pagás

Vosotros tenéis
Vos tenés

Vosotros decéis
Vos decís

Now that you see a few examples, I'll point out the basic rules for regular verbs. First of all, for -ar verbs, take the vosotros form and take out the 'i'. Yup, that's it! Just remember that the accent goes on the last syllable.

For -er verbs, take the vosotros form and remove out the 'i'.

For -ir verbs, take the vosotros form and remove the 'e'.

Those are the basics. More on this later.

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