Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Word of the Day: Ride

If spelled "phonetically" in Spanish this word would be 'raid'. Since there isn't a good word in Spanish for the English noun 'ride', as in getting a ride to school, Costa Ricans simply borrow the English word to mean the same thing. For example, someone may use the imperative "deme un ride"!

Costa Ricans will not say ride to mean a trip in a motor vehicle--as in "it was a bumpy ride from Ciudad Quesada to Guatuso". For this they will most likely say viaje.

If you want to use only Spanish words to ask someone if he wants a ride, simply ask:

"[Ud.] Quiere que lo lleve a San José"?


"Do you want me to take you to San José?"


"Do you want a ride to San José?"

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